Acupuncture Point Liver 3

Acupuncture point liver 3 is located between the first two toes on the top of the foot. Known as Tai Chong or ‘Great Rushing’ for its effect on easing constriction and stagnation (it is said to promote the free flow of blood and Qi), it is a real  asset in the treatment of premenstrual symptoms. It is also a key treatment point in the relief of migraines. 


Traditional Acupuncture and Depression

A major new piece of research has just been published entitled ‘Acupuncture & Counselling for Depression in Primary Care – A Randomised Controlled Trial’. The study was carried out by research scientists at York University, and this is the first major study to look at evaluating in such a thorough way, the clinical impact of acupuncture and counselling for patients with ongoing depression.

The conclusion reached by the study was that acupuncture versus the usual care was associated with a significant reduction in the symptoms of depression.

What Does An Acupuncturist Actually Do?

The acupuncturist is trained to be super-observant. He may look carefully at your tongue, feel your pulse or look at your facial colour. He may also be a good listener. He may patiently listen to your problems but also take note of what you don’t say. Above all, though, he is a human being who can help you feel comfortable in your own skin.