Viva’s Top Five Pregnancy Tips

In this edition our guest blogger hypnobirthing practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist Teresa Kaczmarek from Viva offers us her top five pregnancy tips.

  1. Only tell very close people eg the father of your due date!  Everyone else can have a ‘birth month (s)’.  If not, people can’t resist the temptation to keep calling you around your due date to find out if you have birthed – very stressful!
  2. Surround yourself with positive birth images and information – kindly ask all those with a negative birth experience to tell you after your birth.  Avoid TV programmes like ‘One Born Every minute’ as even Midwives would tell you that they are a poor representation of a normal birth.Viva's top five pregnancy tips
  3. Communicate with your baby either verbally or through your thoughts – speak in ‘child like’ language for them to understand.  This is a great bonding exercise and also assists healthy development.  Encourage loved ones to do the same!  Your baby feels and hears you.
  4. Start making plans for your birth – as with any other special occasion in your life it deserves some thoughtful planning.   Book yourself in to a positive birth preparation class such as hypnobirthing where you will be guided on how to put together a birth preference plan and much more.
  5. Take good care of yourself; paying particular attention to the foods you eat and keeping yourself well hydrated.  Keep active with lots of walks in nature and joining a pregnancy yoga class or similar.

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My Infertility Journey – How We Finally Conceived

In this video account of her ups and down ‘My Infertility Journey – How We Finally Conceived’, this 25 year old woman talks candidly about her infertility journey, the rejections she endured from medics and how she finally conceived.

In her words:-

This is such a personal video to me but I know a lot of you were requesting to hear my infertility story. I hope those of you who wanted to know more enjoy watching this. Sorry it is so long but it was really hard for me to condense a 2 year long story.

Presented by the Acupuncture Fertility Centre, Nottingham UK ‘conceivably the best’.