Acupuncture Point GB 41

Acupuncture point GB 41 is useful in treating forms of stagnation – both physical and mental. When we feel ourselves constrained by the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of our lives, the symptoms we experience often take the form of tightness, constriction or we simply observe that our life is ‘just not flowing properly’. This point which is located on the top of the foot is often used in the treatment of one-sided headaches and pre-menstrual menstrual breast distension. It follows the principle of ‘use lower points to treat upper conditions’. It is also safe to use in pregnancy.

In his book ‘Recipes For Self-Healing’, author Daverick Leggett discusses the fact that constraint arises from the relationships we have with the growing edges of our being as we shape ourselves against the rules imposed by family, authority and culture. Wherever healthy assertion of aliveness is chronically suppressed and then internalised, patterns of constraint will develop as we struggle to assert who we are against the ‘controller’ we have taken on inside. Clearing stagnation requires movement – both pyschologically and physically. Finding new ways to express ourselves, dancing, running and walking are all ways to tackle such issues.

Acupuncture point GB 41 can be a part of this process but healing often requires more than the insertion of a needle. Through his knowledge of the natural rhythms of life as described in the Chinese classic texts, your acupuncturist will be able to support you and help you to get the best from your treatment.

Acupuncture point GB 41

Acupuncture point GB 41

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