Acupuncture Point Sea of Blood

Introducing Acupuncture Point Sea of Blood

This point also known as Xue Hai or Spleen 10 has, as its name suggests a strong relationship with blood and blood circulation. Located on the upper leg, just above the knee (see diagram) it is often tender when pressed.

Xue Hai finds great use in treating skin complaints. For example red, raised heat rashes (which we are likely to describe as being caused by heat in the blood) may be cooled and soothed with this point. Many skin conditions (eg psoriasis, eczema, urticaria or hives) also have an underlying dryness which the classic Chinese texts urge us to treat by invigorating the blood. I find this surprisingly effective in practice, even in severe cases.

Menstruation relies on the smooth circulation of blood and so this point is a real star for treating fixed, stabbing menstrual pains accompanied by the passing of large dark-coloured clots. We talk about ‘dispelling stasis of blood’, which is about keeping it moving and fluid.

Conversely if your periods are scanty (perhaps indicating that you are not building enough womb lining) we might use this point to aid blood production. Because healthy blood is derived from a well-balanced diet, healthy eating would be encouraged too (read beetroot for the blood).

Acupuncture Point Sea of Blood

And finally this is a good point to treat inflammatory disorders of the knee when combined with point spleen 9 located below the kneecap.

Spleen 10, a true heavyweight in the acupuncture world.

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Acupuncture Point Sea of Blood