Acupuncture Point Zhaohai

In my own practice acupuncture point Zhaohai (also known as Kidney 6) is a very commonly used treatment point. What is it useful for? Located just below the ankle bone, in the jargon of acupuncture it is the best point

Acupuncture point Zhao Hai

Kidney 6

on the kidney channel to nourish Kidney Yin weakness. But what does this statement actually mean?

Let us break this statement down into easily digestible chunks. Yin is effectively one of a pair of opposing principles (the other is Yang) that serves to cool down or restrain movement, activity or warming in natural systems. In modern medical speak, this would be in some ways equivalent to the body’s parasympathetic nervous system.

A good example of yin in action would be to think of a helium balloon where a firm grip on the string restrains the balloon from doing what comes naturally – namely to soar up into the sky. Holding the string maintains equilibrium.

In the context of our body’s physiology, a weakness of this restraint system would result in symptoms such as hot flushes (especially in the evening) with flushed cheeks, a dry throat, poor sleep and a general feeling of agitation. It is simply a disturbance of the body’s normal regulation. This will of course be familiar to countless post-menopausal women!

Adding the term ‘Kidney’ refers to functions that are centred around the low back, but also along the pathway of the kidney meridian, and would point additional symptoms such as a sore back and weak knees.

Kidney 6 is essentially a great cooling point, especially if the individual also suffers from back and knee problems. It may also help to settle an agitated mind.

So here’s to acupuncture point Zhaohai.