Blog summary 2014

Here is a summary of the exciting range of topics provided by the Acupuncture Centre based in Bramcote, Nottingham this year. To receive a monthly digest of future topics, why not subscribe to our brief monthly email newsletter at

Winter a time for renewal
Qi, the essence of acupuncture
Checking your three temperatures
Key acupuncture concepts – the channels
Acupuncture for boosting fertility
Food for warming the yang
Get pregnant with acupuncture
Beetroot for the blood
Acupuncture point GB41
Acupuncture and Musculoskeletal conditions
Fertility and the mind-body connection
Radio 4’s Jenni Murray and acupuncture
A brain puzzle to make you think
Glow ovulation period checker
Life through the seasons – summer
Old at 50?
Allergic rhinitis
Why don’t you stick it where it hurts?
The bloke’s guide to pregnancy
Spring is in the air
Everyone should have acupuncture
Back pain and acupuncture
Acupuncture point LI4
Celebrity acupuncture
Size matters
A generation in pain
10 minute interludes
Tapping to boost performance
Quiet reflection
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About Martin Dean

Acupuncturist and University Lecturer Martin Dean has over 20 years clinical experience. He has a specialist interest in treating fertility issues and is also a founder member of Zita West's Network for Reproductive Health so you not only get the benefit of Martin's individual expertise but, through the network, the experience of Zita and her colleagues. In his spare time he practices tai chi to promote calmness and maintain health.