Chinese Brushstrokes

Written Chinese brushstrokes are essentially pictures. For example the character for yin depicts the shady side of a hill, and that for yang the sunny side of the same hill. This leads to a whole range of descriptive metaphors for the processes of life (such as day and night).

I swim suffused in purest sun
Bathe my soul on my emperor hillChinese Brushstrokes
A picnic spread upon the rug
Birdsong rolling through my heart

I am brushstroke on paper
I am Yang
I am light I am heaven
I am rising I am restless
I am growth I am summer
I am male, I am you.


I close my eyes and my thoughts fall away
Into shadow on this emperor hill
Gripped by river sleep and
Drawn into the tent of night

I am brushstroke on paper
I am Yin
I am darkness, I am earth
I am falling I am still
I am moon I am winter
I am female I am you.

We are couple we are dancing
Hand in hand, eye to eye
Co-dependant, intertwined
I am you and you are me
We are Yin and we are Yang.

Chinese Brushstrokes (c) M. Dean 2016

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