Ear Acupuncture for Sciatic Pain

Ear acupuncture is a method where points on the ear correspond to a specific part of the body, in a similar fashion to the reflexology points of the feet. Ear points may be stimulated during the treatment session or you may be sent home with an ear seed taped to the points to give additional benefit. To illustrate, inserting a needle into the ear’s sciatic point may provide temporary relief from sciatic pain. The point named Shen Men is often used to calm people presenting with anxiety.

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About Martin Dean

Acupuncturist and University Lecturer Martin Dean has over 20 years clinical experience. He has a specialist interest in treating fertility issues and is also a founder member of Zita West's Network for Reproductive Health so you not only get the benefit of Martin's individual expertise but, through the network, the experience of Zita and her colleagues. In his spare time he practices tai chi to promote calmness and maintain health.