Introducing Acupuncture Point Kidney 1

Acupuncture point Kidney 1, Yongquan meaning bubbling spring in Chinese, is the lowest acupuncture point on the body. It is located on the lowest part of the foot where we make contact with the ground. This gives us a clue to some of its uses.

acupuncture point kidney 1

Acupuncture points are essentially way stations on a line (aka meridian or channel) which then connects to organ(s) within the body. It may also be helpful to think of this line as being associated with regulating functions within the body (for example, adrenal balance or adjustment of body temperature). Needles inserted into the points help carry this out.

One author describes Kidney 1 as ‘returning the unrooted back to its source’. The most obvious use of this point is in the treatment of menopausal hot flushes. Here sporadic feelings of heat rise to the face, chest and hands unrestrained. The use of Yongquan is like holding the string of a Helium balloon to stop it from rising. In China it is common to massage this point before bedtime , or to soak the feet in hot water to counter the upwards tendency to the head.

In the Chinese exercise form known as Qigong, directing the mind to this point helps us stay connected with the ground. In the jargon ‘it helps descend and root the Qi’. One version of this you could try yourself is to stand on a soft carpet in bare feet, close your eyes and feel (yes really feel) bubbling spring against the softness of the carpet. Enjoy.