Pluggerz For A Good Night’s Sleep

There is nothing more valuable than a good night’s sleep. But how can we effectively block out external sounds that range from snoring, to next door’s dog barking at the moon to refuse collectors emptying the bins?

Why not wear earplugs, I hear you say. But in my considerable experience, the regular variety fashioned from soft conical foam and favoured by workers in noisy environments falls short of expectations when it comes to sleeping. They are obviously not designed for side sleepers and have an annoying tendency fall out in the middle of the night. Their ability to attenuate sound is also quite limited in practice – surely a major requirement in earplugs.

Enter Pluggerz as sold by Boots. I was apprehensive of these at first, especially as I was expected to pay around £8 for two pieces of plastic that resembled Christmas trees, packaged along with a small carrying case. But as the manufacturer points out ‘they have a unique filter that helps remove background noise without completely blocking the ear so you can still hear important sounds like your alarm clock or baby crying’.

They can also be used over 100 times and are ideal for side sleepers. Too good to be true? I put them to the test. After following the instructions I was soon able to insert them with ease. They are very comfortable to lie on when side sleeping. Another surprise was how effective they are at blocking out sound. The ‘skirts’ of the device act as soft baffles and tuck themselves into your ear easily and conmfortably. One downside however was that I had to move my alarm clock closer as I failed to hear it going off the first morning!

But ultimately the most important thing was that I slept like a baby. For a light sleeper like me, there were no interruptions, just peaceful sleep. And my verdict? Worth every penny.

Pluggerz website