Sleep Tricks You Havent Tried Yet

An article entitled sleep tricks you havent tried yet, (spotted by the British Acupuncture Council) appeared in a recent edition of Essentials magazine. The piece suggests various ways to catch up on lost sleep – ranging from moving to Scotland (yes not as silly as it sounds) to putting your pillowcases in the fridge and sleeping naked. Apparently one in four of us now sleep naked, helping to cast off our image as ‘buttoned-up Brits’.

And they noted that man of the moment Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans recently turned to acupuncture for help with sleep problems. ‘Now that’s what I call a sleep’ he said afterwards, adding that ‘seven hours is like a hibernation for me’.

Sleep tricks you havent tried yetAccording to the British Acupuncture Council fact sheet on the topic of insomnia, ‘reviews are consistent in showing that most trials have found acupuncture (or acupressure or related procedures) to be significantly more effective than hypnotic drugs (usually benzodiazepines), no treatment, or sham acupuncture’.

You can download the magazine article ‘sleep tricks you havent tried yet’ from here.

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